August 14, 2019

Considerable Factors while Installing LED lights in Stadium

If you have decided to install a proper LED lighting system in your sports stadium then the next step is to consider some significant points while finalizing the lights. It will be advantageous for the athletes and for the fans. The quality of lights will also affect the viewers who are watching the game from their respective screens. Definitely good installation of LED lights will affect the viewership of game. There is now competition among the stadiums regarding the installation of floodlights that are situated close to each other.

Let us share with you some factors that will matter a lot while selection of LED lights for stadium.

Size of the Stadium

The selection of LED lights and their installation is highly dependable at the size of stadium. Usually in bigger stadiums the movement speed will be faster and if the ball is smaller like in tennis then you need brighter and focused lighting at the court. Same will be the case in badminton and table tennis.

Viewers in the Stadium

You should take in to account the needs of the viewers who are watching the game by sitting in the stands. Light requirements of the athlete and the viewers are entirely different from each other. The players of the game are actually in the field while audience is bit far away from the playing fields. Both need different level of illumination. Low level of illumination can meet the needs of the athletes as they are in the field while the public who is watching the game by sitting in the stands needs high level of illumination as they are focusing on the moving athlete.

TV Broadcasters

It’s the TV broadcasters who are actually promoting and showing the live games around the globe to the millions. It also effects the popularization of the sports. Due to the technological development, the Television technology has also improved with maximum pixels. High quality broadcasting requires exposure, clarity and color rendering. This can be possible with the installation of best quality LED lights at proper place.

Cost Benefit Analysis

Your hard earned money is so precious. Before finalizing any deal take a proper tour of the market by having physical visits or strolling at internet. Ask for the quotations from all the suppliers with proper description of the LED lights that they will supply. Now you can make a comparative analysis of all the available options.

Warranty of the LED Lights

While finalizing the LED lights for your stadium, it is your responsibility to check out the warranty clause by the manufacturer. Check out whether they are providing you with after sale services or not.

Go-Green Factor

The LED lights are using the technology that is very much beneficial for the environment. LED lights are not using mercury in its manufacturing while traditional florescent lights were using mercury which is extremely difficult to dispose off. It is the responsibility of all of us to keep our environment clean. For this LED Lighting is the best solution.

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